Dec,2020: Cases of Hot Runner Application in Automotive

With the development of lightweight, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and the use of plastic material instead of steel, the application of glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene materials not only can reduce the quality of the entire vehicle, but also have higher comprehensive performance. The structure and shape of vehicle can be obtained through injection molding's changeable auto parts. With its years of accumulated experience and comprehensive patented technology, POLYFLOW hot runner continues to meet the needs of customers in the automotive field such as interior and exterior trim systems and even engine components. The hot runner system independently developed by POLYFLOW is specially applied to automotive molds, easy to disassemble and assemble, which solves customers' worries and improves customers' market competitiveness.
This product is an automotive part, the product material is PA66+30% glass fiber, which requires high abrasion resistance of the hot runner system and requires high temperature control accuracy at the injection point, otherwise there will be cold materials, floating fibers, etc. problems.
Project name: Automotive parts
Number of products: 4
Plastic material: PA66+30%GF
Weight: 30g
Wall thickness: 2.5-3.0mm
System type: Valve gate system
Hot Runner Solution:
Through Moldflow analysis, POLYFLOW hot runner engineers selected special materials and special processes for the wear and corrosion characteristics of glass fiber materials according to the type of molding material, flow coefficient, molding temperature, etc., to ensure the system Life. The nozzle adopts a copper tube heater, which uses the advantages of fast heat transfer and uniform heating of copper to ensure that the hot nozzle is in a constant temperature state. Both the nozzle and the manifold are connected by threads, which can avoid the problem of plastic leakage caused by mold processing accuracy.