POLYFLOW offers high performance Hot Runner systems that are durable, dependable, competitively priced and feature POLYFLOW’s unique nozzle and manifold technology. Our Multi-material Hot Runner Systems, High Cavitation Hot Runner Systems, Glass filled resins Hot Runner Systems are also designed and manufactured along that premise.
  1  Hot Runner Nozzles
Single nozzles
iGate Series nozzles
SMART Series nozzles
MU Series Multi-tip nozzles
  2  Valve Gate Systems
Single valve gate nozzles
SMART Series Valve Gate
Nozzles Mini valve gate system nozzles
  3  Pre-wired Hot Runner Systems
Oscar Series
  4  Hot Halves
Hot Halves
  5  Temperature controllers
Temperature controllers
  6  Filter Nozzle & Systems Accessories
Filter Nozzle

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POLYFLOW’S Manifold systems are defined as the injection material, the size and weight of product. By using Precise Flow Inserts with smooth radius elbows is ideally suited for applications with shear-sensitive materials and fast color changes.
• Precise Flow Inserts with smooth radius elbows
• Balanced manifold layouts
• Multi-level channels for even filing of cavities
• Homogeneous temperature distribution
• Vast range of customized and standard configurations with optimized melt • channels for each application.
• High-quality steel.
• Fast color changes